Dayme has worked with some of the biggest names in the Music Industry.  She is the featured singer on Jay Z's, " H TO THE IZZO," song, which appeared as part of the Soundtrack in the movie; "THE GREAT GATSBY."  She has also toured with Enrique Iglesias to name a few.


Her music combines the light with the darkness.  Neither can exist without the other.  She finds true comfort when she embrace them in unity.


Dayme believes that anyone who connects to her music understands her essence and the world that she has created. They tune in to her music and videos simply to escape from the demands of their daily lives.  “Dayme World is a place where people can feel free to be exactly whom they were meant to be. It’s a place where we can all be vulnerable and just let go;   It's a very cinematic and dreamy world, but at the same time, very real and grounded." Dayme. 



She has a very devoted fan base that go by, “DAYME ROYALS & HOLLYWOOD ROYALS."  Dayme usually refers to them as;  "HOLLYWOOD ROYALS," which she defines as someone that is Glam Edge and Rich in personality and Soul. They are loyal fans from all around the world that discovered her music online and went on to start fan pages in her honor.


 “We share a special Bond & Love that can't be explained." says Dayme. 



Dayme writes and produces most of her music. She also directs and edits her music videos. She loves the fact that she is able to see her vision from it’s conception to it’s birth, because this ensures that nothing gets lost in translation. As a result, her fans get a clear insight into her mystical world.



Dayme has a very loyal fan base.  They gift her with beautiful fan art and gifts.

Dayme World is a place where her fans are free to be exactly who they were meant to be.  

Commonly used Hashtags #; daymeroyals,hollywoodroyals,dayme,daymeworld,imperfectrecords 

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