Dayme has now partnered up with, "VEZT," a company that allows Artists to sell a % of  their music to their fans/supporters, so that the listener can truly become an invested partner in the Artist career.  Dayme is currently selling 25% ownership for 2 years for her song; "Leather and Whip Cream." She went Live on February 14,2019 and has already sold 21% of her 25% share offering. 


"It is so important for me to be able to give back to my fans.  As a DIY Artist it is all about having a strong team and truly supporting one another!  This is why I make it my business to do as much as I can to allow my fans to be able to benefit from as many of my projects as possible!  I want us to succeed together!  


I was receiving such beautiful fan art of likeness, so I decided to run a contest that would reward the winning two contestants with their very own autographed T Shirt, displaying their artwork.  For all of the others, I constantly post their work to get them recognition.  I will always find ways to give back to my fans." Dayme

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